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Mark Lynas and green orthodoxy

A conversion over GM food

Well done, Mark Lynas, for changing his mind over genetically modified food.

Here's Mark Lynas on those who still oppose GM food: "I look forward to their opening up an honest and self-critical debate on this, rather than attacking others like myself who challenge green orthodoxy where it likely harms society and the environment."

Here's Mark Lynas on wind power: "Matt Ridley's massive Spectator anti-wind rant seems completely fact-free. Any references to back this up, ?" [There were scores of facts and references, starting with my assertion that wind power provides 0.3% of the UK's total energy, a fact that Lynas challenged, then called specious, then conceded].

Yes, indeed, Mark, I challenge green orthodoxy on wind power precisely because I think it "likely harms society and the environment", and am indeed attacked for it - by you.

You are welcome to the ranks of those who challenge green orthodoxy; glad you eventually joined us. I look forward to you re-examining some other green orthodoxies. I look forward to you "opening up an honest and self-critical debate" on wind power.